We design landscapes for action sports such as skateboarding & BMX and aim to integrate all styles of riding in our designs. Besides this focus on rider experience we seek to create aesthetically beautiful spaces for all to enjoy!


Combining craftmanship with shotcrete we make any 3D design come to life. Specializing in state of the art concrete we work mostly in the Netherlands & Belgium building the best concrete skateparks possible.


Falling is inevitable in action sports, this is why the state of the riding surface is extremely important. We offer a wide range of solutions to upkeep, restore & protect concrete surfaces to keep it in the best possible condition, giving the concrete longterm protection against the elements & the abuse it receives.


Concrete is low in maintenance costs but even concrete needs to be looked after. As skateparks age the cement layer degrades causing stones to ‘rise’ to the surface. With our patented renovation process we are able to revitalize old skateparks and make concrete surfaces feel & look like brandnew again.