Onderuit Amstelveen

The city of Amstelveen approached us to design an out of the ordinary concrete sculpture inspired by streetskating. We took inspiration from real streetspots and working together with the locals & Mark van der Eng from Carve we designed a skateable intersection  with various banks, wallies and ledges. Our original plan included an outer rim around the sculpture so that the park would have lots more ledges & manual possibilities but this - much to our disappointment - never made it into the final design.

Amstelveen-Onderuit6 Amstelveen-Onderuit4 Amstelveen-Onderuit3 Amstelveen-Onderuit7

amstelveen onderuit pano carvepic

Museumpleinramp Amsterdam

UPDATE: Due to the renovation of the entire Museumplein area these ramps are no longer there. Amsterdam is working on getting the ramps rebuilt in the nearby future at a to be determined location.

After the renovation of the Museumplein in 1998 the old Powell warehouse ramps were replaced with a terrible steel vertramp that was completely dysfunctional. It took many, many years of meetings to convince the city to restore this classic spot into a functional skate facility once more. We set out to design a miniramp that would allow all skill levels to enjoy the ramps and wanted to include a spine section because there were none in the Netherlands. The current 15 meter wide steel spineramp is the widest miniramp & the only spineramp in the Netherlands.

Due to a combination of a steel riding surface, dust from the surrounding gravel & wax the ramps get quite slippery most of the time. We try to give the ramps an annual sandblast treatment to make them more grippy. Just make sure to sweep the ramps with a soft broom before you shred and you'll be A okay.


Zeeburgereiland Amsterdam

We believe good concrete skateparks improve the skate & BMX cultures. Seeing the lack of good skating infrastructure in the Netherlands we took it upon ourselves to convince the city of Amsterdam to build an internationally recognizable skatepark that would set the standard for Dutch skateparks for the future.
We expect the 'urbansportszone' at the Zeeburgereiland to be finished in the second quarter of 2020.

The final design for the urbansportszone as made with Glifberg + Lykke.


The preliminary USZ design (2016) with surrounding Sporthelden park.

DIY park Amsterdam

In 2013 we took matters into our own hands & mobilized a solid crew of skateboard enthusiasts to build our own concrete skatepark. Using the abandoned foundation of an old factory in the Houthavens we transformed a no-go area into a concrete playground free for all to enjoy. More info on this project can be found on the skatemates website.

diy before after