The Oudenaarde locals wanted a varied design with a focus on streetskating and a good flow in between all elements. By combining granite and steel ledges of various heights this park offers something for beginning skaters and the more advanced. Connecting to the surrounding grassy areas made a higher section possible to allow for some nice miniramp skating with a bank and spine and some ‘hidden’ transfer options to fly out of the miniramp into other parts of the skatepark. A whippy littleĀ  quarterpipe with waterfalls and poolcoping enable the more advanced riders to make speed to session the eight stair, Hubba ledge and handrail. The varied selection of low impact elements like a double sided slappy, a long flatbar and a red painted curb with mannie check most boxes on a streetskaters wishlist. Still reading this huh? You can like go from right here to there like, really nice man! The Oudenaarde skatepark has plenty of parking & Belgium beverages available around the corner and can be found right here at the Rodelos 1!