Oudenaarde skatepark

The Oudenaarde locals wanted a varied design with a focus on streetskating and a good flow in between all elements. By combining granite and steel ledges of various heights this park offers something for beginning skaters and the more advanced. Connecting to the surrounding grassy areas made a higher section possible to allow for some nice miniramp skating with a bank and spine and some 'hidden' transfer options to fly out of the miniramp into other parts of the skatepark. A whippy littleĀ  quarterpipe with waterfalls and poolcoping enable the more advanced riders to make speed to session the eight stair, Hubba ledge and handrail. The varied selection of low impact elements like a double sided slappy, a long flatbar and a red painted curb with mannie check most boxes on a streetskaters wishlist. Still reading this huh? You can like go from right here to there like, really nice man! The Oudenaarde skatepark has plenty of parking & Belgium beverages available around the corner and can be found right here at the Rodelos 1!



Rijswijk skatepark

The Rijswijk skatepark is a medium sized skatepark featuring a minipool and a diverse streetcourse with different sized obstacles. Inside you will find several (banked) hips, a slappycurb and a manual with a buttery & bright red curb and even a Jersey on top one of the banks. Despite this variety & amount of different elements this place still has a good flow to it which makes it really fun. Should you slam then try and lick the concrete; it will taste like strawberries.



Vertramp Amsterdam


There are few Dutch skatespots that have as much history as the Amsterdamse brug... since 1988 this underpass was the location of the legendary Bridgeramp. After the phenomenal first ramp burned to the ground two less than ideal ramps were built in it's place. When the latest of these two ramps starting falling apart the city of Amsterdam researched how to make sure the new ramp would be the best ramp possible. Many locals from all disciplines were involved to discuss design and G Ramps from Germany were chosen to build the ramp. To make sure this ramp would skate solid as a rock Concrete Matters has built the foundation of the vertramp, a 30 cm thick concrete foundation with double 8 mm rebar and a 1% incline from it's center to make sure water runs off to both sides.


Oedelem skatepark Belgium

At the end of 2021 we built our last park of the year in the city of Oedelem, Belgium.

The locals wanted a bank to bank set-up combined with a quarterpipe and a bank/hip combo which we integrated into the final design making Oedelem a compact yet diverse & unique little streetpark.

To optimize available funds we built directly upon the existing asphalt. To minimize our impact upon the environment we used second generation backfill materials for the different levels of the skatepark.

Den Haag pumptrack

The existing skatepark at the Rijswijkse Landingslaan needed a makeover. All concrete was in a terrible state and we updated the obstacles to make for a better overall experience. Besides this renovation work we teamed up with Velosolutions to build a nice little pumptrack for all to enjoy right next to this little streetcourse. The ever illusive & internationallly acclaimed artist Mr June worked his magic to create an incredible outdoor space that is not only fun to ride around on but pleasing to the eye as well.


Vlasakkers Utrecht

Back in 2020 we designed and built this micro skatepark for the city of Utrecht. Balancing budget and available space we managed to create a fun little area here with basic elements like a mellow banked hip, a slappycurb made from granite, a speedbump, a quarterpipe with a corner, hip and an extension and a flatbar to top it all off....

Leidsche Rijn streetpark

Utrecht locals designed this skatepark and we finetuned it before and during construction. Now Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn has this fun little park to shred for the next couple of years. Many thanks to the city council of Utrecht. We loved building you this small but fun little skatepark!

Kooigem skate & BMX park

During the spring of 2019 we built this BMX inspired jumpbox set-up in the lovely town of Kooigem, Belgium. Together with a custom made vertical climbing wall we built this set-up on time and within budget.

Rotterdam spineramp

The city of Rotterdam wanted to replace their old crappy miniramp at the existing Vosbergenpad skatepark so we designed and built this fun little spineramp for them. Adding a little extension with some diamondgrind coping and a speedbump we tried to spice things up a little bit, serving up one mini spineramp ready to rip!