Albertpark bowls Kortrijk

When the Kortrijk bowl was built in the south of Belgium it was truly groundbreaking:
never before had such an exceptional bowl been built on European soil! TeamPain (USA) designed and built this wonderful bowl in 2004 and upon opening the Kortrijk bowl was host to many international skateboard en BMX events.

In the thirteen years since it's conception the surface of the concrete had deteriorated so much that not merely visiting skaters but even the locals were starting to complain about it's rough texture. Two stress cracks were starting to chip at the hips in the shallow and mid section and there were a couple of chips in the seams of the cradle. Using a special 2 component artificial concrete we did repair work on these holes & chips and we leveled out two bumps in the vert section. The main task for the renovation of Kortrijk however was polishing every inch of concrete making all riding surfaces feel & ride like brand new concrete once again!

The top half of the picture above shows the concrete after our polishing process, the bottom half of the picture is still untreated. Our polishing process makes the concrete smoother which makes it less dangerous when falling and/or sliding down it's surface. The treated concrete skates faster yet still has those excellent gripping & sliding characteristics that new concrete has. Our renovation process makes skateparks more resistant to water & dry faster than before making not only more skating possible but also safer skating!


We would like to thank the city of Kortrijk for cherishing this bowl by giving it the necessary  maintenance and last but not least Team Pain skateparks for this amazing structure that we now get to enjoy to it's full potential for many more years to come!

Time to get sticking again, peoploids! Who can stick it the highest?

Schothorst Amersfoort

The Amersfoort bowl was built in 2006 and hadn't been looked after since. Our 6 step renovation process has made all concrete surfaces smoother than ever before. As part of the renovation we also fixed up the surrounding asphalt surfaces and the bank to flat connection leaving  the bowl in a better state than when it was just built.

Due to it's modular construction all connecting seams had either come loose, were breaking apart or were completely missing rendering the bowl impossible to skate. All concrete surfaces showed different stages of deterioration because of the combination of poor craftmanship, vandalism and graffiti cleaning.


The bowl as you'll find it at Schothorsterpark in Amersfoort, come by and shred it!